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My first attempt at doing these kinds of game assets

All forms of feedback is welcome, and let me know if anything needs changing

This pack includes 8 animations and a projectile sprite:

Run - 8 frames

Death - 8 frames

Roll - 7 frames

Shoot - 7 frames

Wallslide - 6 frames

Idle - 4 frames

Double jump - 4 frames

Jump/fall - 2 frames

Might add more animations in the future, feel free to come with any suggestions

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Tags2D, animated, Magic, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Side Scroller, Sprites, spritesheet


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Arcane archer.zip 61 kB


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Hello, thank you for making such great asset! I used your asset for the main character in my game production, here is the link https://skysky16.itch.io/monster-mayhem.

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Thank you for this enemy! I used it in my new mobile game THE RISE OF ABELOTH! Download it for FREE and let me know what you think!



I really like the animations of this guy! Used it in my latest game, really appreciate your work.


This was quite what I needed for my prototype. I'd like to suggest adding a "taking a hit" animation, would be great for people who'd like to use it in the future :)


hey there, I used your game asset as the main character for my game, amazing work

Great asset with a great colour palette. I ended up using it as one of the enemies for my game.

Hello there, do you still here? I loved this work

Hi This is great may i use it in my potentially commercial game please? i will be happy to credit your work

yes, you’re free to use this for whatever 

Hi, can you please make it so they are individual sprites and also can you make them attacking, walking, dieing, rolling, running, etc. so that it is going up down right and left


Thank you.

We will use it for game production.

We are pleased to report that we have reversed the image and changed the colors.

I have read the terms and conditions, but I am not fluent in English, so please let me know if this is a violation of the terms and conditions

Hi! Quick question, what size are the boxes of this character? I also have the same question for your skeleton. I'd be great to know.


Hey! Just passing to tell you i've used your assets to build a sandbox and test a state machine i am building side by side with my community! Ty very much! 

https://github.com/indiegabo/ryzen-sandbox if you want to check it out!

Thanks again!

Awesome,i love it,and i have a good suggestion,you can add an animation that the archer use knife to attack when she is close to enemy.hope u can adopt this advice

Awesome sprites! I am using this in a hobby project of mine, I'll make sure to give credits if it gets public someday :)

For now, here is a version with minor tweaks to the attack animation, so that the arrow is shot at head level (I needed this so that we can avoid arrows by ducking):

Maybe someone else can find it useful, enjoy :)

How many steering moves do they have? Four directions?

can i modify sprites?

Yes, you are free to do so :)

nice art :))

May i use this in a game I am wanting to create? 

Yes, you can use this for whatever you want

Are your mail,pls?

am i allowed to use this for my game but still credit you

yes of course :)



Here is a boss I made using this asset, pretty cool!

this looks amazing! Thank you so much for sharing

Hello, this asset is amazing, dude! Can I use this asset for a commercial project? Thx

Yes you can :)

Really nice work! 

This is really good! :D

Thank you so much! This is Amazing! ;)

It is really really good , thank you !

Great Job!
Apart from the stunning visuals and the amount of different animation - the usability in a game is great. Everything is aligned, the same size, etc.
Can't wait to give it a test run in the platformer I just build for fun.
And I really hope you do more - hope my little contribution for the Download helps :)

Really appreciate the kind words! I’m actually working on an enemy right now that can be used in the same setting as this character. I’d love to see what you use these for if you do

Looking forward :)
Not quite sure, if I use your Art as an enemy or hero.
When I'm uploading something I let you know.

Amazing! Love the colours you  picked for this character! Whats the Licence?

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Thank you! You’re free to use this for whatever you want except sell or redistribute it. No credit needed

incredibly incredible

this is free?

Yes, you can choose to download it for free

This is awesome for a first attempt.  Well done! 

As far as feedback, including a sprite of the projectile would be nice and death animations are pretty common, so maybe consider adding that. 


Thank you for the feedback! I have now added a death animation and a sprite for the projectile

Awesome! Once again, nice work.  I really hope you continue making characters.